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Self driving cars in Chennai

self driving cars

Self driven cars in Chennai

Planning for a day out with your family around our bustling city? Traveling around got way easier now with Accord Cars – The best place to rent self driving cars in Chennai. It doesn’t matter who or where you want to go in the city – if you are travelling from Chennai, travelling to Chennai or travelling in Chennai all you need is an Accord Car. Enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer, drink in the rich history of these roads and take your time to stop around every one of the million interesting nooks and crannies of Chennai bountiful with culture just waiting to be explored on your own Accord Car.


Self drive cars usually come with a lot of formalities that invade the personal privacy and consume a lot of time for you. We at Accord Cars realized how much of an inconvenience this can be and based our model to make things as easy and simple for every driver. Want a self driving car in Chennai? Accord Cars has got your back. Our services are offered with your freedom and privacy kept as the main priority. Enjoy the ride at your own pace today with an Accord Car of your choice. We provide you a premium car rental service at the best price. Whether you are on a business trip or leisure holiday all that you need to do is book a self drive car rental in Chennai with us. Explore the town hassle free by driving a car of your choice like your very own. Some of us would like to spend the day with our huge family, exploring the malls and going shopping. Check out our SUVs and MUVs for rent. Newly weds or couple who want to spend a date driving around in style can find our luxury section super welcoming. Right from hatchbacks to sedans, Accord Cars proudly showcases a huge collection of fine vehicles  that you can choose from.

While choosing your perfect ride for driving, Accord Cars comes with and the best packages for you to pick from. Car rentals for self drive in Chennai are done the easier. Just pick out your plan from hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly plans available. Want to spend a nice weekend out with your better half or spend your business trip in the city in style with a luxury car. We focus on memories and not the kilometers. So go crazy as we do not cap off. With unlimited kilometers under the hood, the only limitations are the bars your set for yourself.

Your key an amazing time  is handpicked and waiting for you. All that’s left to it is you turning the ignition and riding onto a better tomorrow. Our hassle free service includes home delivery and pickup. If you feel that’s pampering you too much, you can always choose to pick up the car from a given location too.

Give the city something to remember it by – a drive through its beautiful pathways on your Accord Car. With the best competitive prices in the market, we kill it with the greatest value for money out there. What else are you waiting for, get in touch with us and make great memories today!

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sudir bafna
sudir bafna
12:03 04 Feb 19
Got a gift for my wife from this amazing store called Fine Shine. . Found some amazing jewellery and great service. Highly recommend
Santosh Jain
Santosh Jain
09:36 04 Feb 19
Fine Shine knows how to take care of their customers... Every jewel over here are unique..... I liked their approach 😍 comfortably we cn find every kinds of jewels over there... Had a good time ☺️😊
Chandani abar
Chandani abar
09:34 04 Feb 19
I loved the plc ...the name given fine shine ...is the worthed name ....as the jewels are so shine and it looks so pretty ....I loved the place and the experience over purchasing here is the best Coz the service is the up the mark ...😍
Abaranji Ramesh
Abaranji Ramesh
12:48 24 Dec 18
Mr Anil is such a wonderful person. The customer service is to the TOP. He is very smart and give the customer what they need instead of wasting a lot of time. Very unique collection and trendy.
Saipriya Ramesh
Saipriya Ramesh
22:49 13 Dec 18
Superb collection and customer service. Purchased 2 sets for a cousin's wedding from here. No better place to find wedding jewellery.
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