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Car hire for out station in Chennai

Car hire for outstation

Car hire for outstation in Chennai

We all have that inner Indiana Jones in us that wants to go  around the world discovering unexplored places and taking in all the beauty that the world has to offer one pit stop at a time.

Do not put a limit to your goals and imaginations just because a car isn’t something you have access to right now. Accord Cars would like to offer you the keys to you dreams. Get of off the city and into the wilderness by hiring your very own vehicle for outstation. Get a Car hire for outstation in Chennai at Accord Cars. Our experience in the travel industry has made us realize that hiring a traveller for an adventurous excavation can be a tiring affair. With no guarantees of prices and shady drivers everywhere, it’s can be tiring finding you a perfect ride to accommodate your goals and get a peaceful ride at the best price. We offer outstation round trip services all over the country for you at the best value. With friendly faces to service you and assist your journey so that you and your loved ones can concentrate on the most important thing – having a wonderful journey that you can talk about for ages to come.


Semester holidays coming up? Book your very own Accord Car so that you and your friends can have the time of your life chilling around a campfire in a hillstation of partying on the coast to the best music. The only issue is getting there – and that’s where Accord gets a high upper hand. Our experienced drivers can guide you through all roads everywhere in this beautiful country of ours. Reuniting the family after many years? This can be an amazing way to reconnect with your long lost cousins over some coffee in a hut near the mountains. Pick a spot, decide your budget and get to Accord. Once you have the first two taken care of, the travel part is entirely our responsibility. With hundreds of thousands of kilometers ridden safely without even a bump, this can be a beautiful experience for you.


Our ride managers and service providers can even help you plan out the trip today. Right from choosing the best pit stops so that you can get a relaxing journey, to taking an off road to enjoy a scenic pathway away from mankind, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the fresh air and heavenly sights with your head out of the windows jaws dropped. Suited for all tastes and palettes from the lover of untouched landscaped closeby to the globetrotter who bounces between countries all the time, our class and service will cater to all of your needs in an elegant and exclusive way. Choose from our wide range of vehicles that suit your needs and luxury and get going today!


We work day and night to make sure that your journey is something that you can cherish for years to come – Welcome to Accord Cars.

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sudir bafna
sudir bafna
12:03 04 Feb 19
Got a gift for my wife from this amazing store called Fine Shine. . Found some amazing jewellery and great service. Highly recommend
Santosh Jain
Santosh Jain
09:36 04 Feb 19
Fine Shine knows how to take care of their customers... Every jewel over here are unique..... I liked their approach 😍 comfortably we cn find every kinds of jewels over there... Had a good time ☺️😊
Chandani abar
Chandani abar
09:34 04 Feb 19
I loved the plc ...the name given fine shine ...is the worthed name ....as the jewels are so shine and it looks so pretty ....I loved the place and the experience over purchasing here is the best Coz the service is the up the mark ...😍
Abaranji Ramesh
Abaranji Ramesh
12:48 24 Dec 18
Mr Anil is such a wonderful person. The customer service is to the TOP. He is very smart and give the customer what they need instead of wasting a lot of time. Very unique collection and trendy.
Saipriya Ramesh
Saipriya Ramesh
22:49 13 Dec 18
Superb collection and customer service. Purchased 2 sets for a cousin's wedding from here. No better place to find wedding jewellery.
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